The Bat Game Cricket Is A Failure In America
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The Bat Game Cricket Is A Failure In America

Cricket is an international game. Born in England, cricket is a favorite bat game of English speaking people. It is a surprising that English-speaking America has not favored the bat game cricket. The United States cricket history says that cricket did not take roots in the American soil, especially after the American Civil War. What are the reasons?

Cricket is gaining popularity internationally. Born in England, cricket is a favorite game of English speaking people. “All-England” cricket team was formed in England. The first match was played against Kent in 1759. It is a surprising factor that cricket has not entered America, although the first settlers of the new continent were from England. The early Americans did enjoy playing cricket in the 18th century. But United States cricket history says that cricket did not take roots in the American soil, especially after the American Civil War.

Cricket in the US

The cricket history of the United States says that in the beginning of colonization cricket was a popular bat game in the new continent, equal to baseball. But it was not played in great numbers. After the Civil War the game slowly declined in the country. By the end of the 20th century immigrants from south Asia and West Indies paved way to a resurgence in the game’s popularity. The USACA(United States of America Cricket Association) entered the ICC(International Cricket Conference) in the year 1965. Although the US took part in several ICC matches, the USACA was suspended by the ICC in 2007, due to some administrative problems. In the US, where baseball is considered as the most popular bat game, cricket is still struggling for survival.

Reasons for cricket’s lack of popularity in the US

1) America favors football and baseball. They never consider cricket as an option. Although surveys say that there are millions of fans nationwide, they are not engaged in the game activities.

2) Cricket is more an English game which the riding sense of American nationalism is not ready to accept. Baseball is considered as the national game of the US.

3) Americans are not ready to understand the time-consuming concept the game. Cricket is more a technical game, which takes a lot of time to complete. In a world of commercialism time is very important.

4) Americans cannot digest the time-consuming game. They feel that the saying of George Bernard Shaw, “Cricket is a game played by 22 fools and followed by 22,000 fools”, is absolutely correct. Americans do not want to waste the whole day, sitting in front of the television, as fans of other countries do.

5) Watching baseball or soccer games for three or four hours is frustrating to the Americans. How can they tolerate the longer duration of watching cricket? Only the one who is patient to sit for hours can be excited by the thrills of the cricket game. This may not be possible for the American temperament.

6) The US has no publicity for cricket. The media does not come forward to expose it on television. Most of the people are ignorant about the game.

The history of the US will show why cricket is not entertained as a favorite game in the country. Even in the countries where the game is favorite, cricket is taking new modifications because of the changes in modern lifestyle.

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Comments (5)

I have to admit that I'm ignorant of the game of cricket, but my daughter-in-law is a big fan.  

A very well researche darticle. Enjoyed it a lot. Thank you my dear friend.

Very best wishes.

I always thought about this, thanks for the information.

Here in Canada, cricket is not a popular game. I do not know much about the sport so I found your article very useful. Well done.

I am also Canadian, and have never seen cricket played. Soccer  (European football) is popular here. I think that the American game of football is a misnomer - since in American football one throws the ball.